For many years Kenteck has provided the best Salt Lake City upholstery & repair. Kenteck’s happy clients are the perfect example of the positive work we do. We have listed our glowing reviews below. Kentecks’ personal philosophy is that we do every job as if the next one depends on it! Thank you ALL for the very positive reviews!! I really appreciate ALL of them!!!

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Jun 27, 2017

So very glad I found Ken. His work is excellent, timely, and very reasonably priced. He did a couple of business stoo…

Matthew Binns

Jun 7, 2017

Great Service Work!

Frank J. Smith

May 14, 2017

Excellent work and very reasonable price. My wife was thrilled at the results of her refinished/upholstered chair. Ke…

David Conklin

Apr 26, 2017

At Wasatch Periodontics we loved working with Ken. Three dental chairs needed repair and Ken has made them look like …

Dan Thunell

Mar 17, 2017

Ken did an amazing job. He provided high quality work, and had it completed in a remarkable amount of time. He is qui…

Chanie Trease

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Rick Tatham
Here’s a review you won’t read every day. You see, the upholsterer that was re-doing our 3 barstools for the 3rd time, because my wife is so particular, well, he had passed away suddenly in the middle of the job. Ken happened to buy our former upholsterer’s stock and supplies and the family of the departed asked him if he could finish our barstools. My wife is so grateful and believes it is a true blessing from heaven that we were handed off to Ken of Kenteck. This guy may be more picky than my wife! My wife describes him like this…You know in the olden days when people cared about the work they did? When businesses had ethics and people had honor like when a handshake and someone’s word was like gold? That’s Ken. Yes, people who are completely honest, trustworthy with their word and actually want to make you happy with the product or service? That is Ken. Ken also has a great attitude and is full of energy that we both wish we had. Thank you Ken for your amazing work and for being the kind of man other men should aspire to be.

Russ Stowell
I have a Mercedes S550 with a very complicated center console.  All of these cars suffer from shrinkage of the center console padding, leaving the outside covering loose and wavy.  The fix is a $693.00 list item from the Mercedes dealer for anyone stupid enough to not replace it under warranty.  Enter Ken, who was able to repair this item better than new – at a lot less money.

If you study the internet with this complaint, there is no solution other than dealer replacement.  I believe Ken to be the only person capable of dealing with the intricacies of this strange four-way opening and locking mechanism; taking it apart, re-building it with new pad and covering it in new beautiful leather. There is no substitute for Ken’s 40 years of experience and always doing it right.

Casey Petersen
5 star BEST PLACE EVER!! I am restoring a golf cart and chose Ken to cover my seats. Best decision I have ever made. I called and gave him one color I wanted and what I needed to do with it. When I dropped it off he suggested adding another color, I just told him to work his magic and make it look good. Good doesn’t describe what I got back, He added 2 other colors and made it look stunning! As promised it was done 2 days later and the price was the same as he quoted me on the phone, no extra charge for other colors or time. Ken also gave me the remaining material he had leftover in case I wanted to do more parts on the cart……again at no extra charge. He has flexible hours and is willing to do whatever is needed to take care of the customer. I keep finding myself going through the house just to find something for him to redo, I cannot wait to do business with Ken again. THANK YOU!!

Nicole Jenkins
I found Ken’s Upholstery after going and getting 4 other quotes from upholsters near by. I called ken asked him if i could swing by to have him look at the couch and give me a quote and he said yes. Ken was straight forward with me about how much work that couch was going to be and he explained everything he would do to it to make sure I was okay with that and I told him he could just “throw it together and not spend a whole lot of time on it, if he wanted” he had the couch done in a week in a half and it looked PHENOMENAL!!! It was so stunning, my husband and I stood there looking at it in awe.

Ken always kept his word to me, what he told me about approx. time the couch would be finished and price he quoted me. I had taken on this old couch from a friend of my husbands because his wife got leukemia and she would rent this antique couch out for weddings so they could pay medical bills etc. and needless to say it was thrashed when I first picked it up. My grandfather was an upholster but he lives 2 hours away and after having the couch for a month, I knew I needed to get a professional to finish it because it was way too much work and not easy by any means! I hope who ever reads Ken Curtis’ reviews, that you use him as your life-long upholsterer because he is the BEST out there! Ken is now not just our life-long upholsterer but we consider him a good friend, most genuine guy we know and real.

Eric Swenson
I work for a general commercial contractor. I know what quality upholstery looks like. Ken takes pride in his work and pays attention to detail. The end result not only satisfied me, it satisfied architects which can be the most difficult to please at times, he made my life easy. I was very satisfied with the finished product and the quality in ever detail. His service exceeds expectations. He finished the project when it was needed and made sure we understood the procedures to protect the product so we could pass that information on to the owners. I would have no hesitation recommending Ken for any of your upholstery needs, be commercial construction or personal upholstery needs.

Cecilia Morales
5 Star Ken is amazing and did a wonderful job with our dental chair with Burg Pediatric Dentistry. He was quick and efficient. He did quality work and worked with our hours. I would recommend him to anyone.

Elaine (Elena) Bowlus Administrative Assistant, Progress Rail Services.
We have just started doing business with KenTeck and I have already been thoroughly impressed. They did an excellent job on our forklift seat we needed covered, but what impressed me the most was how they handled their accounting following the actual work. Our company paid them twice by accident and they immediately returned a check to us letting us know about our mistake. A lot of people would have kept the extra money but they did not. This action proved their integrity and made me want to continue doing business with them as well as tell others about their honesty and great work. Thank you again for what you have done for us!

Pam Su’a
5 Star – We had Kenteck do two jobs for us: an overstuffed chair with a broken frame and two broken kitchen chairs that needed to be welded. We were very pleased with both jobs. The work was top quality, great and fast service and fair prices!


Bridget Amsden
5 Star – I was looking to have my 11 yr old leather sectional re covered because you can’t find what I have anymore. Kenteck was AMAZING! The material is exactly what I wanted, spot on for the color swatch he had, and was able to finish the work 5 business days prior to the original estimated return with delivering it. He added additional stuffing to make it even cushier and I just had an amazing experience. He was friendly, easy to work with and I will definitely be spreading the word and any other work I need will be coming here. Definitely a MUST CALL  Thanks again!

Jason White
Very, very happy with my service and results. I decided on Kenteck because of the many positive reviews. I needed to get an arm rest/console recovered for my car. I requested a bid through the website and got a very quick response, within 30 minutes. Ken worked me in within a day of when I contacted him. Ken is a great guy and is very proficient. I got the opportunity to be in his shop while he did the work. He added extra padding to arm rest and now it is even better than new. I would definitely recommend Kenteck.

Paul Pratt
We have known Ken for a few years. We had heard he did upholstery, but had never seen his work. When we did see several pieces of furniture he had done we were amazed at his excellent work. We called him to come and give us an estimate on some kitchen chairs. These chairs were in great need to have new covering on the back and seats, as well as new cushion in the seats. We are pleased with the estimate he gave us. He had these chairs done very quickly and they look excellent. We could not be more pleased. We would recommend him to do this type of work for anyone.

Pete Hackford
Ken is great, I had him do the interior work on a 1950 ford tudor and his work is great at a very reasonable price. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a very professional man and easy to talk to. I will use him again. Thanks Ken.

Ron Johnson
Wow, I just took my well weathered 1982 Honda XLR 500 Motorcycle seat down to Ken and received a call 2 hours later that it was done! I picked it up and have it on my bike right now. Ken asked some very qualified questions and delivered a practical, stylish and comfortable seat. Thanks Ken! If you have upholstery needs I’d definitely recommend Kenteck.

Jerry Ricker
Awesome work! Highly recommended!

Mike Ostergaard
I have an old chair that was my uncles from the late sixties. The chair was missing a few buttons and had a small tear. I took it to Ken and he matched the buttons and repaired the tear in the seat while I waited. Ken was very friendly and professional, and I couldn’t ask for a better job done on a chair that I love. I have a few more jobs that need to be done, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Teresa Castolene
Ken, We are thrilled with the cushions you made for our sofa. They are a delight to sit on. My dad couldn’t get off my sofa, due to the wear. With the new cushions he gets right up, and he is so happy. Most importantly, we appreciated your promptness. You promised a date and they were done. Wow what service! Your prices are very reasonable. Thank you.

Eric Oveson
I had some door panels done here for a semi truck and they turned out amazing to say the least and he was able to get them finished for me very quickly. I will never take my upholstery needs anywhere else. Ken has it down to an art and he’s very friendly and nice to work with if you want the best upholstery forget the rest and go to Kenteck.

Stephanie T.
Ken Curtis with KenTeck Custom Upholstery has, over the last 4 years completed several upholstery jobs for me personally and for my work at the Olympus Clinic in Holliday. He repaired the springs on my sofa, covered privacy panels in the office at work, and the waiting bench in my lab. He pays attention to detail, he does the best quality work and completes the job in a timely manner. He works at every job as if it is the most important one at the time and treats every client special. He puts in the time and effort needed to complete the task including overtime. The quality of his work is unsurpassed! I won’t use anyone else for any upholstery need!!!

Marlene Baarz
I have had many items recovered, refinished, restored and have been very happy with everything he has done over the last 40 years. Ken does excellent work. I have recommended Ken to numerous friends and family that have also been very pleased with his work . His pricing is very reasonable and he goes above and beyond the scope of the job to make sure his clients are happy. He has always held to his motto “We make your comfort our business” Thanks Ken

Upholstery Guy.
I thought you would like to hear that Ken Curtis really came through for Mike’s brother on the re-upholstering job. Thanks much for the recommendation! Shirley Lopez referred KenTeck To Mike and Kathy, who referred KenTeck to Fred and Lyssa.

Fred Dunn & Lyssa Lambert wrote To Mike & Kathryn Dunn And forwarded to Shirley Lopez Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 Subject: Upholstery Guy
Mike, The gentleman you recommended for upholstery receives an A+ from me. He did an amazing job and finished a week earlier than promised. He recovered Lyssa’s sofa, which words can’t describe how beautiful it turned out – much better than I had hoped for. I would recommend him to anyone. Super nice guy.

Sage Boyd
This is the most professional work I have seen. Ken is a man of character and is so easy to work with. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with a motorcycle seat, and I wish I could hire him to build a custom kitchen eating area for us, after seeing his work on local restaurants. You can expect the greatest quality work, the best guy to work with, and the fairest prices, bar none.

Nathan Eks
Anyone who doesn’t hire Kenteck for their upholstering needs is missing out. I found Ken to be was quick and courteous, and don’t even get me started on the spectacular quality of the work he did. I absolutely recommended him to all my friends and you should too. If you need anything upholstered, look no further than Kenteck Custom Upholstery. You won’t be sorry, I guarantee it.

Amy Florance Dethorn Creek Road Dental
We had two dental chairs reupholstered. Ken was efficient, professional, and went above and beyond to not only reupholster, but reinforce the chairs. Excellent service. We will use him again in the future!

Darin Smith Audio Wizard
Audio Wizard had a rush order and Ken came through with flying colors. We have been looking for a company to do our upholstery work and there is no doubt who I will use from now on. The quality of work was unmatched and the price was fair.

Brad Duckworth Owner, National Fleet
Very Good work, fair price and always on time. Ken has never disappointed me and I enjoy working with him.

Carolyn Snow
Very professional, excellent quality, quick and beautiful, will be using Kenteck for all of my upholstery needs.

Bryan Maldonado
Kenteck custom upholstery wow where I start he came threw with the time! his quality of work is something you don’t find I came to him with a couch my dogs tore up while out of town and the very next day he was done looks great saved me a bunch of money it was worth it. this is my upholstery guy now for any problems I may have I know that he will get the job done!!!!! my recommendation is call ken for any upholstery ken does every thing! thanks ken!

Thomas K. Broadbent, DDS Pioneer Valley Dental
I have been using Ken for my upholstery needs for over 20 years and I have always found him to be of the highest quality and integrity. He has recovered several pieces for my home furnishings and I have used his services extensively for dental chairs and reception area chairs in my dental clinic over the years. He is reliable and knows the value of time in promising delivery on time and delivering on time. I can recommend his work without hesitation.

Marcus Hall
Ken has done several jobs for me over the years including a custom awning for the captain’s deck of our pirate ship play yard as well as furniture repair and more. Ken can be counted on to deliver a great product at a reasonable price. I’ve never had a problem with his quality or his craftsmanship. His goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied. I recommend Ken 100%!

Guy Greer
I’ve known Ken for better than 35 years. The first job he did for me was a 1986 ford pick up seat cover, to match the factory. He then recovered a couch and love seat for my home, a 1952 F1 pick up complete custom interior with headliner and door panels, a 1959 T bird complete interior including headliner, a 2006 Wrangler seats in leather. All of these were completed in a timely manner at a reasonable price and were better than new.

Michelle S.
I was looking for a custom upholstery shop to redo my motorcycle seat. I was driving by and saw his sign, “Custom Upholstery”. I gave Ken a call and brought him the seat and he said he could do it. GreatJob and Very Reasonably Priced. I will recommend him to my friends and will come back when I need more upholstery work done. Thank you so much, Michelle S.

Kyle Nielson Olympus Clinic
Ken did a fantastic job on several items in our Medical clinic. His pricing was fair and the quality of work was excellent. We will definitely continue to use Kenteck.